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October 27, 2007

Digital Photo Manipulation: Why is it threatening to photographers?

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 I am a digital artist, maker of pictures that are compellingly real, yet clearly not real. I use Photoshop, and parts from digital photographs that I ‘collect’ myself specifically with the intent of extracting and recombining parts.

 However, I don’t do jokes, spoofs or scenes that violate basic physics — gravity, light-fall or psychology (of all animals, including humans).

 For some reason, this type of art, which stands with one leg in photography and the other in ‘from-scratch’ art provokes surprisingly (to me) intensely negative reactions from artists in both of those camps. Photographers, in particular, seem to feel that the integrity of their medium is damaged by the mere existence of digitally manipulated photographs. The better the manipulation (meaning less detectable), the more threatening it is.

I would like to find out why this is so and also to possibly recruit more talented and creative Photoshop users to get serious about making realistic art that is not just for laughs.

In this blog, I will follow the development of my own projects as well as commenting on anything that I like that I find on the internet. If any readers can recommend web sites which you believe I might like (not jokes, or Photoshop silliness), please let me know! Thanks.


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