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April 2, 2020

It Suddenly Appears Possible

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… the world never conforms to a pre-given plan …

This is from The Pleasure of Drawing by Jean-Luc Nancy, translated by Philip Armstrong (2013):

… Between the hand and the trace, in the pencil, quill, ballpoint pen, or charcoal crayon’s impetus, in the movement that goes from the hand to the mark and flows back from the mark to bend the hand once again — in all this, an impulse is tapped, an energy is gathered from an entire culture and history, an entire thought of experience of the world comes to be gathered in the vibration of the mark.

… It is the point where it suddenly appears possible to go from nothing to something, to go from formless attachments and inherences to the form of detachments and distinctions. In fact, truth is only distinction.

… It suddenly illuminates when a form rises up distinctly — this is a body, this is its idea, this is its line and its most proper demarcation, its closure and its dis-closure conjoined together.

… Revelation is neither given nor posed. On the contrary, it reveals itself as non-given, and it manifests itself in a newness irreducible to any prior condition. This is why there is a history of art, a history of the endless multiplicity of forms, which do not illuminate any form buried in the depth of things or any prior schema, not even and especially not a schema, idea, or concept of “art.” On the contrary, what reveals itself and what draws itself — what announces itself, what gives itself to sense — in an incessantly renewed way is nothing other than this: that the world never conforms to a pre-given plan but its truth is inextricable from its drawing/design in perpetual formation and transformation.

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