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January 21, 2020

And Therefore Destroyed

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… the theory is finally recognized and so used, rather than simply related to …

This is from Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism by Jane Rendell (2010):

… From the close-up to the glance, from the caress to the accidental brush, Site-Writing draws on spaces as they are remembered, dreamed and imagined, as well as observed, in order to take into account the critic’s position in relation to a work and challenge criticism as a form of knowledge with a singular and static point of view located in the here and now.

… In the [last chapter of the book], I return to a question introduced at the start of Site-Writing, to reflect on what it means to ‘use’ an object — a theory, an artwork, even perhaps an artist. Following my reading of Juliet Mitchell’s discussion of Winnicott’s concept of ‘using’ rather than ‘relating to’ an object, and her desire to ‘use’ theory, I came to realize that throughout the process of writing this book I had been producing a form of criticism which ‘used’ artworks while continuing to ‘relate to’ theoretical concepts.

[line break added] At this last moment, in response to the work of artists Bik Van Der Pol, the theory is finally recognized and so used, rather than simply related to, and therefore destroyed, thus transforming the relationship between the critical subject and her objects — artworks, essays and theories.




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