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December 2, 2019

Parallel to Inner Life

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This is Jessica Stockholder in an interview found in Jessica Stockholder Kissing the Wall: Works, 1988-2003 by Nancy Doll and Terrie Sultan (2004):

I love color because it is localized and fixed to an object as a physical thing, on the one hand, but can appear to jump and move in the air, on the other. Color can be fanciful; it functions well as a parallel to inner life. Our feelings are not concrete — they don’t have physical form — but that doesn’t make them any less real. It is difficult to articulate what makes color exciting, just what one can do to make color exciting or interesting.

[line break added] Color is not very popular as a place to focus conversation or intellectualize because it is so difficult to articulate. It is subjective. We don’t know if we see color the same way. We know that some of us don’t; some people are color blind. None of this eclipses the fact that color is evocative and that we have powerful and meaningful responses to it.




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