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March 16, 2019

By Curving the Mind

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This is from Henri Bergson by Vladimir Jankélévitch, translated by Nils F. Schott (1959, 2015):

… The linear conception is that of associationists who think of the interpretive or intellective movement as a procession of the mind in a straight line starting from the alphabet of sensation. I’ll add that intellectual atomism, in its concern with savings and didactic clarity, needs generally to provide itself with these purely progressive linear series without turnarounds, without possible inflection: can one imagine the movement of fabrication going backward and, in a sense, curving? The approach of the mind, on the contrary, whether it perceives, recognizes, recalls, understand, or invents, is always circuit.

… The spiritual totality, whose principle is memory, in a way circularizes the indefinite and rectilinear principle with which associationism hypnotizes itself. It is this totality that closes the circuit; by curving the mind onto the extensive afflux of the given, it spirtualizes the “pure outside” and totalizes the elementary.

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