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March 15, 2019

As If There Was Something to Take Off

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This is from Sweet Nothings: Notes and Texts by Marlene Dumas, edited by Mariska van den Berg (2015). For those of you not familiar with her, Dumas is a painter:

… The problem with contemporary art is that it’s far too self-conscious. To my mind, when art is too well-orchestrated, when it knows only too well how to manipulate its public and knows exactly what the public wants, then inevitably emotion is absent because, in my opinion, art that moves you has something ungainly about it, is in some way bound up with a combination of hesitation and something going wrong.

If art is too shielded and protected we end by smothering it to death. Mishima: ‘If art is not constantly threatened and stimulated by things outside its domain, it exhausts itself.’

There is a crisis with regard to Representation.
They are looking for Meaning as if it was a thing.
As if it was a girl, required to take her panties off
as if she would want to do so, as soon as
the true interpreter comes along.
As if there was something to take off.

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