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January 25, 2019

The Only Thing That Permits Us to Live

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This is from:

Gatsby’s Theory of Aesthetics
by Amiri Baraka

… Poetry aims at difficult meanings. Meanings not already catered to. Poetry aims at reviving, say, a sense of meaning, or meaning’s possibility and ubiquitousness.

Identification can be one term of that possibility. That is, showing a thing with its meaning apparent through the act of that showing. Interpretation can be another term. That is, supporting a meaning, with one’s own life. That is, under, standing. And using that position as a map, or dictionary. Depending on whether you move or sit.

I write poetry only to enlist the poetic consistently as apt description of my life. I write poetry only in order to feel, and that, finally, sensually, all the terms of my life. I write poetry to investigate my self, and my meaning and meanings.

… Arbitrariness, or self imposed meaning, is the only thing worth living for. It is the only thing that permits us to live.


I think the above is exactly wrong. I like it for making me notice and think about how I think it’s exactly wrong. That’s good writing.




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