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November 28, 2018

Back to the Surface

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… it lays bare the coexistence and overlap of two categories of signs …

Continuing through Jan Dibbets: The Photographic Work by Erik Verhagen (2014):

… The reconstruction is imagined and thought through at an early stage of the work with the photograph, Dibbets now setting great store by having a subject presenting a clearly visible depth effect. To achieve this he must, by positioning his camera and looking into the viewfinder (this is the first level), anticipate the photographic transcription — pre-view it, so to speak.

[line break added] Once the image has been developed, he decontextualizes his subject with a cut-out (this is the second level) in a way that accentuates the distortion inherent in the photographic rationale. A third operation, also part of the earlier works, consists in painting around the “mother image” already glued onto a support, with the intention of making the very notion of the support disappear and, as far as possible, bringing back to the surface the image with its heavily emphasized illusion of depth; the ultimate aim being to create a work as tense as it is paradoxical.

… it lays bare the coexistence and overlap of two categories of signs — the iconic and the indexical — which we mistakenly thought could be dissociated.

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