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December 29, 2017

Creating Itself

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… Since then, painting has never represented reality; it has been reality (creating itself).

This is from ‘Extracts from writings and interviews, 1962-2003’ found in Gerhard Richter: Atlas: The Reader (2012):

Notes 1985

[ … ]

28 August 1985. The Abstract Expressionists were amazed at the pictorial quality of their productions, the wonderful world that opens up when you paint.

Even so, I have to start with the ‘blot’ and not with the new content (if I could exempt myself from that, I should then have to look for an appropriate way of representing it). With all the techniques at my command, especially those of elimination, I have to try to compel something that I cannot visualize — something that goes further and is better and more right than my own pre-existing opinion and intention — to appear as an existing picture of something.

[ … ]

Notes, 1990

30 May 1990. It seems to me that the invention of the Readymade was the invention of reality. It was the crucial discovery that what counts is reality, not any world-view whatever. Since then, painting has never represented reality; it has been reality (creating itself). And sooner or later the value of reality will have to be denied, in order (as usual) to set up pictures of a better world.

[ … ]

[from] Robert Storr, Gerhard Richter: Doubt and Belief in Painting, The Museum of Modern Art, New York 2003

… I made a few remarks that have circulated, things like: ‘I don’t believe in anything’; and ‘the motifs in my paintings have no meaning whatsoever, I might have just as well painted cabbage.’ These remarks gave people a certain impression of me. … People still claim that only painting has an important story, never the subject.

[line break added] … I made those statements in order to provoke and in order not to have to say what I might have been thinking at that point, not to pour my heart out. That would have been embarrassing. I refused to admit any kind of meaning that these paintings could have had for me. Therefore it was much easier to say what I said.

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