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September 14, 2017

Picasso & Co

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… contemporary art consists of the abstract (without subject) like Picasso etc., and the photographic …

Continuing through Modern Art and America: Alfred Stieglitz and His New York Galleries by Sarah Greenough (2000). The ‘Pablo Picasso, 1911’ chapter is by Charles Brock:

… Despite his misgivings, Steichen, who by this time was adept at the complex logistics of organizing shows in Paris for 291, made the necessary arrangements: “I am sending the Picassos on the next boat. … Haviland and Picasso selected the Picasso pictures themselves. I came in for a little advice in the end to make the collection a little more clear by its evolution. It shows his early work and his ‘latest’ — certainly abstract — nothing but angles and lines that has got [to be] the wildest thing you ever saw laid out for fair. Picasso was a man I never could see. … I admire him but his worse than greek to me. … Picasso may be a great man but it would be rank snobbery for me to say I see it now.”

[ … ]

… In the wake of the exhibition Stieglitz’s admiration and support for Picasso grew and deepened.

… By that fall Stieglitz’s personal understanding of the relationship between photography and Picasso’s work had crystallized. He conveyed his revelations to Heinrich Kuhn: “You don’t understand what Picasso & Co. have to do with photography! … Now I find that contemporary art consists of the abstract (without subject) like Picasso etc., and the photographic. … Just as we stand before the door of a new social era, so we stand in art too before a new medium of expression — the true medium (abstraction).”

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