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April 4, 2016

As the Cumulative Structure Gluts

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This is from Michael Heizer by Germano Celant (1997). The following are all quotes from Heizer himself:

We live in a schizophrenic period. We’re living in a world that’s technological and primordial simultaneously. I guess the idea is to make art that reflects this premise. My original impetus for getting out of the city and working with these basic materials had to do with the idea of the insecurity of society, the frailty of its systems, the dependence upon interdependence.

Displaced/Replaced 1:1, 1969

[ … ]

The intrusive, opaque object refers to itself. It has little exterior reference. It is rigid and blocks space. It is a target.

[by contrast] An incorporative work is aerated, part of the material of its place and refers beyond itself.

[ … ]

The position of art as malleable barter-exchange item falters as the cumulative structure gluts. The museum and collections are stuffed, the floors are sagging, but the real space still exists.




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