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March 6, 2016

To Silence You

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… “I am silent, and in the hollowing out of day and night, you hear me, you do nothing but hear me … “

This is from The Step Not Beyond by Maurice Blanchot (1992):

… “I don’t know” has, by itself, a very sweet attraction; it is the most simple speech; negation collects itself in it to silence itself in making knowledge be silent, and as it can be a response to a determined question (“do you know if … ? — I don’t know”), it does not pretend to already read the still ambiguous silence, philosophical, mystical, of un-knowledge. I don’t know is calm and silent.

… “I don’t know, but have the feeling.” But, even in the form of an addition, is not able to break the silence, only prolongs it further. “I don’t know” not being able to repeat itself or to close itself, without running the risk of hardening itself, is indeed the end that does not end. The present that “I don’t know” has put gently in parentheses, gives place to a delay, the timid mode of a future that scarcely promises itself, this “feeling” not being an imperfect knowledge or knowledge from sensibility, but the way in which the absence of present dissimulates itself in knowledge itself in letting another still or already absent present come marginally. “I have the feeling that I am going to have known.”

… “I have invented poetic irregularity, the error of words that break, the interruption of signs, the forbidden images, to speak you, and, speaking you, to silence you.” — “I am silent, and in the hollowing out of day and night, you hear me, you do nothing but hear me, no longer hearing anything, then hearing everywhere the rumor that has now passed into the world in which I speak with every simple word, the cries of torture, the sighs of happy people, the turbulence of time, the straying of space.”




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