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February 28, 2016

Lightning of Presence

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This is from The Step Not Beyond by Maurice Blanchot (1992):

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• Distancing oneself appears to be determined in relation to a fixed point that would be presence. But presence, in the absolute of the immediate in which, great instantaneous fire, it consumes itself endlessly, could not be fixed or included in the game of a relation. Presence, lightning of presence, which has always already devastated the space in which the approach takes place, does not enter into the clarity of the visible, no more than it lets itself be present. Presence lacks presence, destroys the present of presence.

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• … For such a long time, we had been preparing ourselves to celebrate the event which, now that it was coming, there was no longer time, so that we were not yet ready and so that it was not coming anyway.

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“You torment yourself in speaking.” — “If not, I would torment myself in not speaking.”




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