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February 14, 2016

Something Has Happened

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… there is no luck but by desire and … desire is the only luck …

This is from The Step Not Beyond by Maurice Blanchot (1992):

[ … ]

He remembered the first steps, the first warnings, the first unforeseeable signs of friendship, the first temptations that he hardly noticed. “Where did you leave them?” What are they looking for? What are you looking for?” No search, and the room — with the tables placed end to end — freed him from the desire to find anything. “The name that would fit … the book that has been opened … the streets where they walk … ” It was a murmur, the deceitful entreaty. And all of a sudden: reflect. “I have reflected that we love the places in which something has happened.” — “You mean, things that one could tell about, could remember.” — “We’re not that demanding: something.” — “Something that would reduce or enhance the feeling of boredom.” — “We’re not bored.” — “We’re not capable of it.”

[ … ]

… Would transgression not be a less compromising way to name “transcendence” in seeming to distance it from its theological meaning?

[ … ]

… Desire is always ready to affirm that there is no luck but by desire and that desire is the only luck: which conforms to the “law” of desire and to what is left of the law in desire — the non-desiring. As for luck, even if it does not renounce its relation with the mortally desiring passion, it is only to affirm it in another way: desire must desire luck, it is thus that it is pure desire.




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