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December 9, 2015

Craving for the Knowledge that They Might Carry

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… they carry the experiences they have had with us inside them …

This is from David Chandler’s text in Peter Fraser (2013):


[ … ]

I am not interested in mystifying. I must make that clear. However, I think that the very nature of one’s perceptions of the world creates mystery. I think nothing is what it appears to be, and therefore difficult, complicated or understated photographs, which aren’t directly accessible, seem to me, in principle, wholly authentic in terms of communicating a lived experience — Peter Fraser in a 1986 interview

[ … ]

… In a culture that is increasingly attuned to an electronic environment, to gazing into virtual space, Fraser keeps his eye to the ground; peering down into the places we habitually pass over, where myriad forms of human debris collect, and reacquainting us with their tactile surfaces and sensations.

… A sense of touch … hovers over the already touched, over traces of the human hand and their histories. In an essay on the work of his friend, the artist Jan Peter Tripp, W.G. Sebald wrote of:

the autonomous existence of things, to which, like blindly furious working animals, we stand in subordinate and dependent relationship. Because (in principle) things outlast us, they know more about us than we know about them: they carry the experiences they have had with us inside them and are — in fact — the book of our history opened up before us.

Fraser would share Sebald’s reverence for the dense aura of objects, and his pictures might easily be read as a kind of a ‘craving’ for the knowledge that they might carry.




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