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November 25, 2015

Is There Warning?

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… And now, a dress, Louise, and a yellow chair.

This first is from Gerry Badger’s essay in Peter Fraser (2006):

… I once attended a dinner party where Peter Fraser stated that he was trying to make ‘four-dimensional photographs.’

… To photograph an object — say a paper aeroplane — and in so doing label it as such, goes only so far.

… From the contradictory union of opposites derives the notion that things can be known only through their association with other things. A tree, for example, is known as a tree because there are other things — plants, animals, timber products — to differentiate and define it. If there were only large trees, one would not know small tree and so on. And from the basic concept of ‘tree’ derives a matrix of complex relationships that eventually would encompass the whole world.


The following is from the ‘Afterword’ by Maureen O. Paley (with Fraser) in Two Blue Buckets: Photographs by Peter Fraser (1988):

Two blue buckets. What actually happens?

What happens is not seeing, it’s like being punched.
It’s a moment when everything stands still.

It’s a moment?

A precise sense of being in a certain place at a certain time.

Is there warning?

Yes. As enveloping as a smell in the air.

And now?

And now, a dress, Louise, and a yellow chair.




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