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November 1, 2015

Exaltation of the Instant

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This is from the essay ‘On Insolence Considered as One of the Fine Arts’ found in Faux Pas by Maurice Blanchot, translated by Charlotte Mandell (2001):

… this aptitude not to be weighted down, to be mobile and alive, is one of the traits of insolence. To support lightly all that crushes you, that is the play on words that there is in this defiance of the insolent man.

… It is in the order of action what taste is in the aesthetic order. “This is how life is,” notes Kierkegaard in his Journals, “as with musical notes, the true note is an oscillation between the true and the false, and that is its beauty; the trueness of tone, in a narrower sense than logic, ontology, abstract morality — here mathematical trueness — would be false for the musician.” The trueness of tone, oscillation between true and false, that is the quality, and it is in the name of this quality that insolence, a spectacular exaltation of the instant and a violent effort to dominate the one who dominates, neglects all the other forms of moral life.




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