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October 9, 2015

Warm Water

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… In life it plays the role of a bead on an abacus; in art it’s a texture.

This is from Knight’s Move by Viktor Shklovsky (2005):

… A man couldn’t help being happy there where everything was softer, where people were beaten with soft pillows and drowned without fail in warm water, but the road to yesterday was, of course, closed.

And so a man runs to the theater, to actors. In that way, according to Freud, in coping with a psychosis, we hide in some sort of mania as in a monastery, that is, we create for ourselves an illusory life, an illusory reality, instead of the hard reality that is real.

[ … ]

… blasphemy presupposes a religion that hasn’t yet perished.

There exists a “church” of art in the sense of a gathering of those who feel it. This church has its canons, created by the accumulation of heresies.

[ … ]

… Art is perceived as a series of hints, a series of algebraic signs, as a collection of things having volume, but not substance — texture.

Texture is the main feature of that special world of especially constructed things, the aggregate of which we usually call art.

The word in art and the word in life are profoundly different. In life it plays the role of a bead on an abacus; in art it’s a texture. We have it in sound. It reverberates and we listen to it in its full potential.

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