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September 25, 2015

To a Philosophical Spider

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This is from The Lost Notebooks of Loren Eiseley edited by Kenneth Heuer (2002, 1987):

… Last evening the largest house centipede I have ever seen died peacefully on our bathroom rug.

It is a strange thing to record the death of a centipede with the reluctance with which one speaks of the death of a pet sheepdog, but at the last I think I may have been a little confused on the whole subject. Toward the end this centipede was very tired, and like two aging animals who have come into a belated understanding with each other, we achieved a mutual tolerance, if not respect. He had ceased to run with that flowing, lightning-like menace which is part of the horror of centipedes to man; and I, in my turn, ceased to drive him away from the woolly bathroom rug on which his final desires had centered.

scutigera coleoptrata [image from Wikipedia]


“What if there are only spiders there?” a man once asked. “We always think of eternity as being vast, vast. What if it’s one narrow room, like a bathhouse in the country, black and grimy with spiders in every corner?”

I suppose that to a philosophical spider such a notion of the universe would seem a tidy and cosy one.


In a New York subway several days ago I saw a man with a gibbon hand. Unfortunately, in the crowd I could see no more. The hand was clinging to the subway hanger. Amazing resemblance to a primate hand — long palm, almost footlike, short fingers.


A university is a place where people pay high prices for goods which they then proceed to leave on the counter when they go out of the store.

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