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August 5, 2015

Thinking of the Backs of Things

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Zeke Berman, Game, 1988

“I like to slow up the process so that the viewer will notice himself recognizing what’s happening.”

“I originally made sculpture but have become attracted to placing a camera between myself and what I make. The result is a kind of distancing that transforms the physical construction into an optical one. [ … ] I’ve grown to think that photographs are sturdier than sculpture. Because they are so thin, have such physical economy and are made exclusively for our visual contact, they take on a kind of immutability.”

“I think of photography as being the art of distance because you’re always at a distance from the subject. You only see things from the camera’s point of view, from the front, and I was thinking of the backs of things.”

Zeke Berman, Untitled, 1988

all quotes are from Zeke Berman, ~ 1991




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