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July 26, 2015

We Are Called to Testify

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This is from the essay ‘The Ease of Dying’ found in the collection, Friendship by Maurice Blanchot (1997):

… a distance, an interval, and a void of sorts; a small impassable abyss that is nonetheless, at every moment and out of distraction, passed over (but never abolished) every time that language functions …

… Therefore, one must not be fooled by the modesty of expression: it is a formidable experience, to which we are called to testify.

Next is from ‘The Laughter of the Gods’ in the same collection:

… Existence simulates, it dissimulates, and it dissimulates the fact that even when it is dissimulating and playing a role, it continues to be authentic existence, and thus with an almost inextricable malice, binds the simulacrum to true authenticity.

Finally, from ‘A Note on Transgression’:

… The rhapsodic narrative, of which we are all tributary, is constituted by repeating itself around strange names — formidable, enigmatic, external to the language of the community — one does not know what they name, nor is it proper to stop them, rather, one should enclose them in the space of the narrative.




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