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July 16, 2015

The Editing Always Hurts

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… you are given a real trust and you should not violate that trust.

This is from the interview with Kate Amend in First Cut 2: More Conversations with Film Editors by Gabriella Oldham (2012):

[ … ]

Given the harsh realities that documentaries often capture, I understand the need to “see” representations of those realities, however painful in some way, though that potential to “cut to the quick” reminds me, stream-of-consciously, of a line in the film Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains, in which Carter comments on his experience of being interviewed by a Middle Eastern journalist and worrying that he will be misrepresented in the final cut of that interview. He bluntly said, “The editing always hurts.” Did that comment strike a chord with you as an editor?

[laughs] In a way. I think I left that in because I thought it was a touch of humor and irony.

But he has a point.

He definitely does. In editing a documentary, you are given a real trust and you should not violate that trust. It is easy to do cheap shots in editing, where someone says something but then you choose to cut to an image that contradicts or misrepresents it.


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