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July 2, 2015

A Whole New Set of Eyes

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… an editor [is] judge, jury, and executioner.

This is from the interview with Mark Livolsi in First Cut 2: More Conversations with Film Editors by Gabriella Oldham (2012):

[ … ]

Did the detailed nature of the work appeal to you?

I think there was an obsessive component, a need to make order out of chaos. The chaos of infinite options, of infinite ways of cutting, of infinite performance choices, and what seemed like an infinite amount of dailies, and turning it into one final, decisive piece of storytelling.

[ … ]

On the Prada DVD commentary, the director David Frankel said an editor is an artist and you said you thought an editor was judge, jury, and executioner.

I said that? [laughs]

[ … ]

… An editor is a whole new set of eyes for what will make the story work in the film. With that in mind, a director may be invested in and love how he shot a scene. The writer may love the way he or she wrote the scene. The actors may feel a scene was their best performance in the film. And the DP [director of photography] may think that a shot is the most beautiful one in the whole movie. But when I as the editor get the material, if it’s not moving the story forward or not telling it in the best possible way for whatever reason, then I have no qualms about throwing it out or about figuring out another way to make it work — if it can be made to work.




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