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April 8, 2015


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… It leaves bones and echo in the cave

This is from an untitled essay by Lars Norén found in Cindy Sherman: Untitled Horrors (2013):

… The self-absorbed pose fraught with echoes and earlier works The gaze that does not see That does not even want to be seen Everything that does not tell The last one of course not the last emptiness in our forgetting of being Images that confirm and contain the forgetting of being Stills from a film that evoke powerful but elusive memories of many films we cannot remember and have not seen This could be me too in spite of my authentic self This much time these preparations were crucial to making the image the one it is and form the most essential component of the image This could be the way I look This could be the look in my eye if I could see what lent it that expression All expressions the most beautiful most unconscious sacred in particular are untrue

Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #3, 1977

… You can be too concerned that the image should tell what you want it to tell so that it cannot be concealed What is the being or the essence in these photographs that represents a time Not in what they do not say Not inside them or round about them We will not see all of them even if we stop to look at them We will take with us one or two and insist that is what we saw We will not appreciate all of them Only the ones that ask our own questions

… The self as a predator that cannot distinguish the one from the other She enters the simplification exaggeration or impoverishment of every provisional state She adopts an observer’s stance outside herself Simply existing which is to exit The image as exiting The insatiable curiosity of the clinical gaze Diagnosis: the clinical gaze

… If I was the one in these photographs Would I discover something I had not known about myself before and that could only be seen by means of the photographic act and its outcome No one is more a stranger to yourself than you are in the moment that arises before you understand it is yourself that you are observing Everything we will lose is here Maybe not everything but a very great deal The possibilities perhaps we were incapable of discovering or there was not time to realize because leaving behind what we already had would take so long

… Her life sheds light to some extent on her photographs Her face sheds light to some extent on her faces Her photos are never the last Their sometimes being seen in such a way that they are no longer seen is not her fault

… The great danger of narcissism is the image in the pool falls in love with the person looking at it Who cannot just get up and go Cannot act It leaves bones and echo in the cave Art is bones and echo

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