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October 31, 2014

Dreams Are Hard to Draw

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… Curiosity’s pictures are research trying to equip itself with eyes.

This is from Writings in Art by Per Kirkeby, edited by Asger Schnack (2012):

[ … ]

has always been a thing I’ve employed fiercely in my painting — something flat, perhaps an illusion, something I can steer and move. My texts are scenery, too. Scenery is the best way of putting forward all sorts of things, without dying of starvation. Scenery is also a kind of ruin; ruins are formed of volume reduced to theatrical decoration. Churchyards with burnt-out churches, homes to bats, the empty castle ruins. That’s my link with Romanticism. The forest and the wind in the background is a sound effect.

[ … ]

The sun and the stars tell you where you are on the map. With the map they can steer everything, predict the weather, turn the wildness of the mountains into pedagogy (i.e. understand why you travel through the clouds when you leave the highland of your chapped lips for the greenhouse of the coast). The map is your knowledge and also the limit of your imagination. The Indians are no longer mistaken. Journeys easily become books. You can try to break the map with drugs and stolen glances, but the map is also an enticer. Keep a cool head because here comes something amazing. And you can only see what can be seen, dreams are hard to draw.

[ … ]

… I think I am working on something, struggling with something, doing something, occupying myself with something, manipulating something: that is, I do so with intuitions as my guide. And my intuition is a conglomerate of all possible kinds of articulated systems of reference, those borne by tradition, those I share with my friends, my own, all sorts of people, including the unenlightened, the indoctrinated, from the past, from school, my friends, all sorts of people, including the biological factors, my large nose, wide mouth.

[ … ]

… I think that I myself, and the pictures I make, are pure victims of my curiosity. My curiosity is the energy in my life, an attempt to express a will to make existence hang together. Curiosity is the dynamic agent that surges forth from the strange medium of the speech of my pictures that is my own self. Thus, all pictures that issue from oneself are an expression of a form of research in the surrounding world, albeit research that is almost blind. Curiosity’s pictures are research trying to equip itself with eyes.




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