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October 29, 2012

Sunsets and Beehive Hairdos

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Suicide Song
by Tony Hoagland

But now I am afraid I know too much to kill myself
Though I would still like to jump off a high bridge

At midnight, or paddle a kayak out to sea
Until I turn into a speck, or wear a necktie made of knotted rope

But people would squirm, it would hurt them in some way,
And I am too knowledgeable now to hurt people imprecisely.

No longer do I live by the law of me,
No longer having the excuse of youth or craziness,

And dying you know shows a serious ingratitude
For sunsets and beehive hairdos and the precious green corrugated

Pickles they place at the edge of your plate.
Killing yourself is wasteful, like spilling oil

At sea or not recycling all the kisses you’ve been given,
And anyway, who has clothes nice enough to be caught dead in?

Not me. You stay alive you stupid asshole
Because you haven’t been excused.

You haven’t finished though it takes a mule
To chew this food.

It is a stone, it is an inconvenience, it is an innocence,
And I turn against it like a record

Turns against the needle
That makes it play.

by Mark Jarman

We know there must be consciousness in things,
……….In bits of gravel pecked up by a hen
To grind inside her crop, and spider silk
……….Just as it hardens stickily in air,
And even those things paralyzed in place,
……….The wall brick, the hat peg, the steel beam
Inside the skyscraper, and lost, forgotten,
……….And buried in ancient tombs, the toys and games.
Those starry jacks, those knucklebones of glass
……….Meant for the dead to play with, toss and catch
Back of the hand and read the patterns of,
………..Diversions to beguile the endless time,
Never to be picked up again … They’re thinking,
……….Surely, all the time. They are lost in thought.





  1. …or not recycling all the kisses you’ve been given…

    That line pierced me.

    Comment by Felix — October 29, 2012 @ 6:56 pm

  2. I think that line is a perfect funny/serious “food pairing” with the beehive hairdos; each makes the other better.

    Comment by unrealnature — October 29, 2012 @ 7:25 pm

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