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August 27, 2012

Think of It as Milk, and Drink It Slowly

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These are three verses (out of ten) from:

Piano Practice
by Howard Moss

[ … ]


Seizures are occurring. Despite snow-lightning,
The black keys are bent on mountain climbing —
All of it against a doctor’s warning.
Soon they’re descending like the black dots of
A wirephoto in transmission. An
Erotic black wing hovers up above.


Bach is more like opening an ember
And digging hard into the heart of fire.
The heart of fire is another fire.
When it comes to Mozart, just say nothing.
Think of it as milk, and drink it slowly.
Slowly you will taste the cream of angels.


This black and white’s deceptive. Underneath
The spectrum rages. Did you ever see
The calmest waters quickly come to life
Because a minnow’s tinfoil flash in sun
Had rent them suddenly? It came. And went.
We take two thousand takes before we print.

[ … ]

These are the last two verses (of four) from:

by Alastair Reid

[ … ]

Arriving in rainbows of oil-and-water feathers,
they fountain down from buttresses and outcrops,
from Fontainebleau and London,
and, squat on the margins of roofs, with a gargoyle look,
they note, from an edge of air, with hooded eyes,
the city slowly lessening the sky.

All praise to them who nightly in the parks
keep peace for us; who, cosmopolitan,
patrol and people all cathedraled places,
and easily, lazily haunt and inhabit
St. Paul’s, St. Peter’s, or the Madeleine,
the paved courts of the past, pompous as keepers —
a sober race of messengers and preservers,
neat in their international uniforms,
alighting with a word perhaps from Rome.
Permanence is their business, space and time
their special preservations, and wherever
the great stone men we save from death are stationed,
appropriately on the head of each is perched,
as though forever, his appointed pigeon.



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