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August 17, 2012

The Eyes of Puppys Newly Whelpt

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This is also from Curiosity: How Science Became Interested In Everything by Philip Ball (2012). I’ve separated out this little part from today’s other post because I like it by itself:

… Nothing was too mean or trivial to be neglected, for as [seventeenth-century scientist Robert] Boyle said, it was all God’s work and therefore worthy of attention. A glance at Boyle’s own notebooks reveals the dizzying consequence. … ‘Remember,’ he wrote:

the use of a Coach
the eyes of Puppys newly whelpt
the Feathers, Claws and Beaks of birds yet in the shell
the Gunpowder whole and ground
Insects and other Creatures that lye as it were dead in the Winter
Moses’s Serpent and the Transmuted water
that Beauty do’s not make the Parts, but result from them as do also Health, Harmony, Symmetry
that Internal Forms may be but lasting Dispositions to be wrought upon by External Objects
the seal’d weather glass &c. and the consequences of such thing
Monsters, and the longings and frights of teeming women
the unskilfull Restitution in Springs made by hammering &c.
to breake a Glass buble in a Barometer.

Robert Boyle [image from Wikipedia]



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