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September 29, 2010

Personal Anthropology

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On this rainy afternoon, I was in the process of emptying out a box of stuff from the attic that I’m trying to sort out hopefully and get rid of. Near the bottom, I found this envelope:

In case you can’t read my handwriting (I was fifteen at the time), it says, “Ground Hogs Teeth (Two top and one bottom incisor).” The date, in the upper right corner is Aug. 1971.

Yes, as a teen, I was still the same as the person I wrote about in the Rats in Hats post. And I have to tell you, that when I looked in the envelope and found that the teeth were missing, I was disappointed. Very disappointed. I hope I find them at the bottom of the box (which is still about 1/3 full of … stuff.

[A “ground hog” is a very common varmint of this part of the country; sort of like a 20-30 pound rat. They are in no way unusual, but they have really neat teeth. ]



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