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May 25, 2010

What Would Maurice* Say?

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Sunday afternoon, we were having serial thunderstorms here. Wind, downpours and then a brief calm followed by more wind and another downpour with the power flickering on and off. I wanted to go for a hike up onto a mountain some way off where they’ve been building a new,  (hideous) radio tower. I go up on the weekends when the workers aren’t there. I waited as late as I could for the storms to pass over and it did seem a little bit quieter at about 3:00 so I checked the NexRad radar online to see where the storms were. To my amazement, there was no rain whatsoever on the map! It must have just blown itself out; all fallen or dispersed or … something. The map shows Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia, and there was not a drop of water anywhere (never mind that there is heavy cloud cover outside and I can still hear thunder).

So I hot foot it up the first little mountain, and along a connecting ridge to the mountain with the tower on it. As I’m going farther from home, I’m hearing more and more thunder which doesn’t make sense given the NexRad map. I walked ever higher, now on a fairly wide access road that is next to and sometimes  under a powerline with more and more thunder and now some showers and occasional smallish lightning — trying to remember if it’s a good or bad thing to be under a powerline in a lightning storm. And if it’s a good or bad thing to be under a big metal tower on top of an otherwise bald mountain top in a lightning storm. Happily, by the time I got to the top, the thunder and lightning had moved away though the rain persisted.

Upon returning home, I looked again at the NexRad map online. Still no rain! It must be very … quick or not the ‘right kind,’ I thought. Not until Monday morning — when it was still raining and the map was still completely clear — did I notice the message posted above the NexRad map saying that their radar was down (apparently since Saturday) and they hoped it would be right by that (Monday) afternoon.  If the map says it’s clear, dammit, it’s clear; I don’t care what’s falling on my head.

Okay … moving on to this evening. I’m standing in the bathroom, in front of the (large) mirror, brushing my teeth and thinking to myself that I need to remember to run the tracking number of a package I’m expecting from L.L. Bean. I had ordered a sweater it seemed like ages ago, and where was the package? As I’m thinking this, I look in the mirror and notice that I’m wearing the sweater.

[*Maurice Merleau-Ponty]




  1. May I direct you to
    this link

    Comment by Dr. C. — May 27, 2010 @ 2:31 pm

  2. If I could just get a tracking number for myself, then I’d know where I am and what I am wearing.

    [Alzheimers would probably be an improvement for me.]

    Comment by unrealnature — May 27, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

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