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June 6, 2008

Waiting for the Bus

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Today on BoingBoing,  they describe and link to an article in the Telegraph.co.uk  about how a nursing home in Germany (and apparently in other places, too) has a fake bus stop outside the home, at which escaped Alzheimer’s patients sit and wait for a bus that never comes. A good idea; clever, harmless, and it works.

But that story started me thinking about people waiting at metaphorical bus stops for buses that never come. Everybody with hopes and dreams, who eagerly prepares for his journey, checks the schedules, the destinations, finds the proper waiting spot … and sits waiting. Excited. Ready.

Then waits and waits and waits — until it gets dark and he gives up and goes home.

For many aspiring artists — writers, painters and especially photographers — the internet is one big fake bus stop. The online galleries, forums, personal sites, blogs. Waiting for a bus that will never come. [cue violin music ]

It’s so sad! So tragic! Hopes dashed, aspirations crushed. What do I say to these people?



[end violin music ]
Fuck the bus. And other people’s schedules and other people’s destinations. People on buses = passive, obedient, blank.

I’m grabbing my camera and going exploring. Anywhere that buses don’t go. Which is just about everywhere.

A healthy person waiting for any metaphorical bus has Alzheimer’s of consciousness. They’ve forgotten how to live.

– Julie



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  1. I’ll agree with you about those metaphorical buses … fuck ’em, as you say … but I LOVE real buses … and trains, too … I do some of my best photography on or from trains and buses … sometimes I’ll buy a day ticket, get on the first bus that comes along, ride it (writing or photographing all the way) either to the end of the line or to a spot that feels interesting, get off, get on the first bus I see, repeat until the buses stop running … then tomorrow, after sleeping under a tree (or whatever), explore where I’ve ended up … and figure out how to get home…

    I love real buses!

    Comment by Felix Grant — June 6, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

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