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May 30, 2008


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Via a posting on BoingBoing, I was linked to a haha.nu feature showing photos of a chicken developing, start to finish, from egg to chick (outside the shell). Way cool!

The haha.nu lead before the pictures says, “Like other birth photo series these of a chicken could somehow shock and disgust you. But, it is always interesting to watch the beginning of a life.” Who in the heck would find this shocking or disgusting? It’s beautiful!

Below is an unshocking and undisgusting sample from the start of the series. The stuff in the linked page  is much more interesting …

Kind of makes me nervous that they kept the developing egg warm in a frying pan …

From the haha.nu site, I found a page that shows, in photos, the development of a Cecropia moth from egg to its full six inch glory. This is the beast that I featured in my Alchemy post  not too long ago. The sequence is just as cool as the chicken series.




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