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February 2, 2008

Good Reasons to Hate Manipulated Photographs

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Child pornography conviction overturned

UK man faces jail over ‘made-up’ child porn images (from 2006)

Age play in Second Life (virtual child pornography)

Fake Photos Alter Real Memories

Scientific photos found to be fake

UPenn postdoc faked images

Biologist fakes images

Follow up links to the above:

The legalities of ‘made-up’ imagesfrom BoingBoing

National District Attorneys code for prosecuting child pornographers using morphed images (scroll down to find ‘morphed images’)

National District Attorneys methods of proof for child pornography images

 And, compilations of notorious non-pornographic fake photos, most of which you have probably already seen:

From the List Universe

From c/net

All fields of art have been abused or used to ugly ends to some degree. It’s unfortunate that in photorealistic digital art, the majority of non-fantasy work is lies or worse.



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