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December 25, 2007

Shadow Test 2

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Time for another test of your understanding of shadows. In the image shown below, think about why the shadow breaks at the point indicated by the blue arrow. Then consider why the shadow crosses over behind its casting object  (red arrow). First it falls to the left of the cord, then it falls to the right. Why? Also consider the shape of the shadow at that point. Why doesn’t its curve match that of the electrical cord?


For extra credit, tell me why there is so little fade in the different shadows throughout the image. Hints: the light source is a single ceiling fixture. The picture was made before dawn, so that was the only light-emitting source. Therefore the great majority of the bounce light is coming from the off-white ceiling around that light fixture. Fade in shadows is a factor of two things; the relative brightness of the secondary light sources and the angular increase in exposure of receiving surfaces to those secondary sources.

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