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October 29, 2007

What Works and Why; How Far Can You Stretch Reality Before It Breaks?

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I am not interested in making blatantly fantastic images. I am also not interested in mimicking straight photography – which is, after many decades of looking at zillions of (straight) photographs good, bad and indifferent … boring (imitations of imitations of imitations). Somewhere in the gray zone between fantasy and reality is what interests me – grabs and holds my attention, makes me want to look again.

As long as I use real objects, coordinate all lighting and make sure the ecology and behavior of all participants is rational, I seem to be able to do things that are plainly not real and get away with it. At least to my eye. And I’m not sure why some of the things are acceptable to my mind. For example, look at this image from the Four Ways series: http://www.unrealnature.com/rf_1019.htm . Clearly the background is not real. I have made no attempt to conceal the seams between the four flipped sections of sand. Yet the use of a single light source over all knits the scene together. The rest of the Four Ways series is more aggressively unreal, but still works for me. http://www.unrealnature.com/FourWaysThumbs.htm

I know it’s not real as soon as I look at it, yet I feel that it is a space into which I could go.

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