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October 29, 2007

A Game for You

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Do you like those games where you have to find hidden objects or words in a big picture? Then this is for you. There are fifty moved or changed things in this image. All should be visible to you without my providing any hints. The hard part will be to figure out which objects have not been moved or changed since I used only things that were already in the picture. Good luck. The original of this is 4800 px where this one is 800 px, so the downsizing will have mangled the detail. However, I believe it should still work. Good luck!


This is from a new series that I am working on called erehwoN Nowhere (which is a big hint for what you’ll be looking for). These are fun and relaxing to do. I’m giving myself a break after working on the Judgement Day series for about six months (with an additional six months prior devoted to getting enough bird pictures and masking about 3000 of them).

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